Sean McGuire

NVIDIA Higher Education & Research, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Abstract: The AI usage in scientific research starts with how & why to enable AI as a Service, include image analysis such as medical and gently move into Digital Twins and onto Energy Efficient Computing. To help set the scene and focus the mind I often like to start with a short representative video and end with the usual Q&A.

Sean McGuire has worked in the University sector for 20+ years, including 6 years working for a University. His role is the Vision, Mission and Strategy for NVIDIA in Universities & Research establishments across Europe Middle East and Africa. While consulting he delivered on University and National Research Strategies, including models for outreach, funding and Industrial Research. Hire good people, enable & trust them.

Here in the E-Book are the University programs we run globally. If I could steer your eye’s towards the Deep Learning Institute and the creation of local Ambassadors. This is the single most popular program we do and creates the quickest attraction of Industry for students and Research partnerships. It creates and maintains talent locally, with you.